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The Best Lights to Take on a Hike

When planning an adventure, whether it’s hiking or camping, you always want to pack light so that you can enjoy the nature around you without worrying about lugging heavy equipment. You also want to make sure that you have a good source of light even if you aren’t planning to stay somewhere overnight, because no one wants to get stuck in the dark.

Ledlenser have created a number of great lights that will be sure to suit your needs on your next outdoor adventure:



Want a lightweight, compact light in case of emergencies? Ledlenser’s ML4 ultra-compact outdoor lantern has got you covered. It is only 71 grams and is less then 10cm making it the perfect light for adventures. It has a carabiner snap hook which lets you attach it to a backpack or hang from a tent rope, allowing for easy accessibility for when you need it. The latest micro-prism technology provides efficient, glare-free and targeted light, illuminating up to 300 lumens, providing light when you need it!

RRP: CA$ 67.95



Need a compact headlamp? Look no further, Ledlenser’s H4 is a powerful, light-weight headlamp that can even illuminate almost an entire field. It has adjustable light functions, producing the perfect amount of light to suit your needs, and has other features such as pivoting lamp head, a rear light, and outstanding resistance to dust and water. It would be a perfect new addition to your gear collection next adventure.

RRP: CA$19.95 



For a small, light and compact torch, the P5 has a lot of power. it has up to 140 lumens of light output and 120m beam distance and will be sure to be useful on your next trip. Not only that, it is better for the environment due to its energy saving features and only requires a AA battery. Now, you can enjoy nature, without leaving any negative impact on it.

RRP: CA$40.95 



This headlamp is like no other, and in just a few easy steps it can be transformed into a multipurpose light. Its inbuilt mounting system is easy to use and the clip on the lamp head makes securing it to your shirt or belt, showing how practical and versatile it is, and thus is the perfect addition to all kinds of outdoor activities. Its water resistance and Advanced Focus System ensures the lamp will be a great option for when you need it most.

RRP: CA$40.95



Are you searching for a high-quality powerful pocket torch to bring on your next hike? Thanks to Ledlender’s P3 torch you don’t need to search anymore. It’s the perfect size to attach to your car key ring, pocket or bag and its iconic Advanced Focus System allows you to to quickly and seamlessly go from a broad up-close floodlight to a sharply focused long-distance beam. It’s only 35 grams and 90mm long so will not be a hassle to bring on your next outing and its Rapid Focus mechanism gets light to where you need to see most. This torch will not disappoint! 

RRP: CA$16.95


For more information visit www.ledlenser.ca

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