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  • Luminocity
    2,000 lm
    20 lm
  • Range
    210 m
    25 m
  • Battery
    3.5 h
    90 h
  • Luminocity
    2,000 lm
    20 lm
  • Range
    210 m
    25 m
  • Battery
    3.5 h
    90 h

Ledlenser HF8R Signature


Be empowered for any adventure! When you take along our HF8R Signature headlamp you can be truly hands-free and fully focused on your activities and adventures. With its' patent-pending Adaptive Light Beam technology, the HFR8R Signature does all the work for you by dimming and focusing automatically, adjusting the light output, so you have perfect light illumination at all times. The efficient cooling system to allows for a powerful lumens and extends its run-time. It is waterproof, comes with an additional red, blue and green front light and the battery is easily rechargeable.
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Special Information

  1. Light Functions

    • Boost - a short term boost of high light output
    • Power - high light output for every situation
    • Low Power - economical light for long battery life, glare-free reading and working
    • Mid Power - medium light output for every situation
    • Blink - automatic emission of light impulses at regular intervals
    • Strobe - flashes of light with a confusing blinding effect for, among other things, self-defense
    • S.O.S - the distress signal the light emits is SOS in Morse code (3 x short, 3 x long, 3 x short)
  2. Switches

    • Front Switch - a switch on the headlamp that allows you to use one hand
  3. Special functions

    • Adaptive Light Beam: automatic dimming and focusing
    • Digital Advanced Focus System: virtually seamless transition from flood to spot
    • Ledlenser Connect App: allows you to remotely control and personalize features
    • Temperature Control system: keeps light from overheating so it can run brighter and longer
    • Emergency light: when power goes out and the light is on the charging base, it will automatically turn on
    • Red light: Helps to maintain night vision in the dark
    • Green light: Allows you to be less noticeable to game when hunting
    • Blue light: Allows you to track game blood when hunting
  4. IP-Class

    • IP68 - fully dustproof and waterproof (submersion in water to 1 meter for 30 minutes)
  5. Energy Management

    • Battery Indicator - it shows the current level of the battery
    • Charge Indicator - it shows the current charge status of the battery
    • Low Battery Warning - it warns you when the battery is low
    • Backup Mode - monitors charge level and activates low-power emergency safety light
  6. Rechargeable

    By opting for rechargeable batteries, not only are you saving money in the long-run by reusing the same batteries, but you’re also no longer throwing disposables away, which is a plus for your wallet and Mother Earth.

Technical Details

Ledlenser HF8R Signature


  • LED Configuration 4 x Xtreme LEDs
  • Luminosity MAX 2,000 lm - MIN 20 lm
  • Lighting Range 210 metres
  • Battery Duration1 MAX 90 h - MIN 3.5 h

Battery and Casing

  • Battery 1 x Li-ion 3.7V
  • Battery Duration2 3700 mAh
  • Water Resistance IP68
  • Rechargeable Yes

Height and Weight

  • Weight 194 g
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